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Pixel Dust

A global love affair.


About Pixel Dust

"An Artist on the Rise"

Opening up for artists like Griz, Marvel Years, Styles and Complete, Digital Ethos, and so many more, Pixel Dust is on the rise with a signature style of underground music, integrating melodic live instruments and passionate driven bass.

Best known as a Wilmington, NC native, Pixel Dust has been building his solo career as a talented Electronic Musician since 2010. Influenced by the popular emergence of dubstep while in college Pixel Dust and friends would throw house parties for the community, culture, and sounds of their hometown. This eventually landed them into local clubs that turned the parties into a new career. 

His signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions that will surely shake the room, look out for Pixel Dust, he is an artist on the rise!

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